League of Legends: Dr. Mundo

In League of Legends there are many champions to choose from. Champions are the people you can purchase and play as in the game. I have just started playing as a champion called Dr. Mundo. Dr. Mundo is a scientist that made himself very strong, but in doing so he also made himself purple. He is a very powerful champion that dishes out a lot of damage if you build him right. When I play as Dr. Mundo I build him AD HP. This stands for attack damage hit points, so in other words he is an attack damage tank. I usually start with boots and three pots. The boots I build are the boots called ninja tabi. These boots provide movement speed and armour to your champion. After getting ninja tabi … Read entire article »


Call of Duty Black Ops : My favourite weapons

In Call of Duty Black Ops u can unlock weapons as you level up. Generally the guns get better the higher the required level you have to be to use the weapon. But my favourite guns are not the lowest on the list, and in fact one or two of them are amongst the first on the list. My favourite primary weapon : If I had to choose just one of the primary weapons from the whole lot, I will choose the AK74u. I like this gun because it is a Sub Machine Gun, or SMG. I like the fact that it is a SMG because SMGs usually have a high rate of fire. This is … Read entire article »

Call of Duty Black Ops

Last weekend my Dad bought me a computer game called Call of Duty Black Ops. I had been playing the game at my cousin’s house before my dad bought the game and so that is why I asked him to buy it for me. When I got home I installed the game. I went straight to online play in which you play against other people around the world. Man it is fun. When you level up you unlock guns, perks, equipment, lethal grenades and non-lethal grenades. The guns usually get better and better the higher your level when you unlock them, but sometimes the guns get good, and then get bad again. This confused me a lot. … Read entire article »

League of Legends: my favourite jungler

In League of Legends junglers are the champions that run around in the forest and farm all the creatures that live in the forest. If you are jungling you should still keep up with the rest of your allies’ levels as you will not be effective in ganks if you don’t. Ganks are when a jungler comes to a lane and helps kill another champion on the opposing side. My favourite jungling champion in league of legends is a small champion called Amumu, the sad mummy. Amumu is a very small champion with a very big head. He is also a mummy. His classic skin is a mummy outfit that has green bandages. Amumu’s abilities are all … Read entire article »

League of Legends: my favourite mage

In League of legends mages are the champions who usually have strong spells and are ability power champions. Mages usually take the middle lane on the map. When being a mage u want to build ability power, definitely not attack damage. Most mages are ranged, which means that their basic attacks can hit an enemy from a further distance than if they were melee. My favourite mage in League of legends is a champion named Ryze. All of his abilities excluding his ulti are target abilities. This means that u don’t have to aim them and shoot. You just press the key and click on the minion or champion you want to deal damage to. His ulti … Read entire article »

League of Legends Basics

Hello everyone! About a month ago I started playing an online computer game called League of Legends. I am going to tell you a bit about it. When you start out on League of Legends you are level 1. The highest level you can go to is level 30. When you eventually reach level 30 you can play a game mode called ranked, but until then you can only play PvP. PvP stands for player versus player. You can also play custom games in which you play against bots. The bots are not very good at the game.  The currency in League of Legends is called influence points, or ip. You can also buy riot points, … Read entire article »

Nike Child Labour

Where in the world This case of child labour happened in Pakistan. Nike was accused of using child labour to manufacture the Nike soccer balls in Pakistan. Pakistan has a population of about one million people and is important for export to international markets especially in sports. Why the children work Pakistan has an income per capital of 1, 900 dollars per year. This means that people survive on five dollars a day. Pakistan has a traditional culture in which the money earned by one is shared between ten. With a high rate of inflation it is very hard for a low income population to survive. That is why the children in Pakistan are working, to earn money … Read entire article »


Different Diseases and How to Help Prevent these Diseases Hypertension Hypertension is the word used to describe a high blood pressure. High blood pressure increases your chances of having a stroke, kidney disease, heart attack, heart failure, and even early death. The causes of high blood pressure are if you: are often stressed, drink too much alcohol, eat too much salt, have diabetes, smoke. If you want to avoid getting hypertension you should eat a heart healthy diet which includes a lot of potassium and fibre. You should also drink a lot of water, exercise regularly and also limit the amount of salt you eat. The main thing to do here is to just eat healthily and … Read entire article »

Hobbiton on Hogsback School Camp

My class and I all went up to Hogsback to have school camp. We climbed into the bus dreading the long trip all the way from East London to Hogsback. When we arrived in Hogsback we went straight to Hobbiton where we stayed for the duration of the week. Hobbiton is very nice and you can see Kettlespout from it. Kettlespout is a waterfall that originates from a spring, Kettlespout also runs off the edge of one of the cliffs or mountains in the area.  Day one we arrived and went to our dorms where we would be staying, we unpacked our bags and got settled in. Soon after we were called to the dedicated lining up … Read entire article »

Lilyfontein Grade 8 Orientation Camp

My class and I all arrived in the morning on Friday and did normal schoolwork until one o’clock in the afternoon; when school ended. We had half an hour to get changed into casual clothes or “civies” as some may call it. After getting changed my class was told to meet outside of the classroom. We then received lunch from the teacher which was salad rolls. After eating that we were told that for the rest of the orientation camp we were to speak in an Indian accent. We then lined up outside the classroom in attention. This is where we are not allowed to move, speak or laugh, and if we wanted to ask a question it … Read entire article »