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Call of Duty Black Ops : My favourite weapons

In Call of Duty Black Ops u can unlock weapons as you level up. Generally the guns get better the higher the required level you have to be to use the weapon. But my favourite guns are not the lowest on the list, and in fact one or two of them are amongst the first on the list.

My favourite primary weapon : If I had to choose just one of the primary weapons from the whole lot, I will choose the AK74u. I like this gun because it is a Sub Machine Gun, or SMG. I like the fact that it is a SMG because SMGs usually have a high rate of fire. This is good for putting a lot of bullet out in front of you and hopefully into your opponents. The attachments I use for this gun are the suppressor and the red dot site.

My favourite secondary weapon: My favourite secondary weapon is a pistol. The name of this pistol is the Python. It does a lot of damage but it takes a long time to reload. The attachment I use for this gun is the speed reloader.

My favourite lethal grenade: For this one I have to choose the grenade called the semtex. It is a grenade that has a short time on it, and it can stick to walls. With these capabilities it makes for a excellent grenade.

My favourite non-lethal grenade: The purpose of the non-lethal grenade is to make it easier to take out your opponents. I will choose the flashbang. Once thrown, anyone looking towards the flashbang gets blinded for a duration and they cannot hear anything. This makes it easy for you to shoot at them, or even come in for the knife.

My favourite equipment: I will choose the claymore. Anyone who walks in front of it gets toasted.

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