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Call of Duty Black Ops

Last weekend my Dad bought me a computer game called Call of Duty Black Ops. I had been playing the game at my cousin’s house before my dad bought the game and so that is why I asked him to buy it for me.

When I got home I installed the game. I went straight to online play in which you play against other people around the world. Man it is fun. When you level up you unlock guns, perks, equipment, lethal grenades and non-lethal grenades.

The guns usually get better and better the higher your level when you unlock them, but sometimes the guns get good, and then get bad again. This confused me a lot. I prefer using an assault rifle with an ACOG scope mounted on the top of it for better accuracy, and I also enjoy using sniper rifles.

Perks are the things that help you in the game. You always have three perks. Each one helps you in some way. For example the perk called Lightweight allows you to run faster.

Equipment is anything you put down on the ground and it stays there until you blow it up, etc. Equipment includes C4, Claymores, CCTV cameras, and motion sensors.

Lethal grenades are your classic frag grenade, your semtex, and a good old tomahawk.

Non-lethal grenades are the smoke grenades, flashbangs and concussion grenades. All of these assist you in some way.

In Call of Duty Black Ops when you unlock something, you still have to buy it after that as well, so you have to remember to save up your money that you earn from taking out opponents and winning rounds.

Although it is at the top of the list, the very first assault rifle is my favourite, when I use it I put a ACOG scope and a suppressor on to it. This way I can be far away, and enemies cannot see me on their radar.

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