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Different Diseases and How to Help Prevent these Diseases

Hypertension is the word used to describe a high blood pressure. High blood pressure increases your chances of having a stroke, kidney disease, heart attack, heart failure, and even early death. The causes of high blood pressure are if you: are often stressed, drink too much alcohol, eat too much salt, have diabetes, smoke. If you want to avoid getting hypertension you should eat a heart healthy diet which includes a lot of potassium and fibre. You should also drink a lot of water, exercise regularly and also limit the amount of salt you eat. The main thing to do here is to just eat healthily and exercise regularly, about thirty minutes a day.

Heart diseases
Heart disease is very common, but thankfully advances in the techniques of investigation, treatment and heart surgery do a great deal to help people that are suffering from it. Heart diseases are caused by: eating too much fats, rheumatic fever, metal poisoning, over activity of the thyroid gland. Once you have a heart disease Diuretics are used in most cases. Almost always surgery is needed. Just keep exercising and do not eat too many fats.

People are obese if more than a third of their body weight is fat. Once people are obese it is hard for them to get down to their ideal weight, but it is not impossible. Fatness or obesity is caused by eating too much. To a certain extent, obesity can run in families. This could be because of genetic inheritance. Often obesity comes from acquiring bad eating habits from family or friends. Do not eat more than what satisfies your hunger.

Diabetes (type 2)
Type two diabetes is much more common than type one diabetes. Type two diabetes makes up most of the diabetes cases. It usually occurs in adulthood, but more and more young people are being diagnosed with this disease. Lots of people with type two diabetes do not know that they have it, although it is a very serious condition. Diabetes is caused by obesity and failure to exercise. Keep exercising, even if it is just sport at school.

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