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Elder Scrolls Races

This is not one of my walkthroughs that I will be doing this is just about the races in the Elder Scrolls.

In Skyrim and Oblivion, these are the only two games in the Elder Scrolls series I have played, there are a number of different races (different kinds of people) and here they are:

Wood Elves, these are the shortest of the races which you can clearly see especially in oblivion. The Wood Elves are also known as the Bosmer. They are good archers and are well suited for the thieves’ guild because of their height. The Wood Elves of the Elder Scrolls series come from a place called Valenwood.

High Elves, these are the tallest of the races. The High Elves are slightly yellow in colour. They are also known as an Altmer. High Elves are good at restoration magic but not as good as a Breton. You should consider playing as an Altmer if you want to be a mage. The Altmer come from a place called Summerset Isle.

Dark Elves, the Dark Elves nickname is the grey skin, which is suitable as their skin is grey. The Dark Elves are also known as Dunmer. The Dunmer are masters of destruction magic which consists of fire, frost and shock spells which do a lot of damage to an opponent. The Dunmer come from Morrowind.

Breton, these are the best at all magic spells in the Elder Scrolls series. The Bretons are half elves. You should be a Breton if you are looking to be a spellsword or a full on mage. Bretons come from a place called High Rock.

Imperial, the Imperials are good merchants and in Skyrim they start with an ability called Imperial luck which allows them to find more money in chests and coinpurses. The Imperials are the most human like race in the Elder Scrolls series. They come from a place called Cyrodil.

Khajiit, sorry I am not sure about the spelling of this one. The Khajiit are cat like people, they seriously look like cats.The Khajiit can talk and they wear clothes just like any other race just they look like cats. The Khajiit come from a place called Elsweyr.

Argonian, similar to Khajiit, but the Argonians look like lizards. Argonians can breathe under water which is pretty awesome. Argonians come from a place called Black Marsh.

Redguard, they are your sword wielding people in the game. The Redguards come from Hammerfell.

Nords, they are my personal favourite to be. Nords are highly resistant to frost and cold areas. They come from Skyrim. In Skyrim the stormcloaks mainly consist of Nords and they call themselves the true sons and daughters of Skyrim.

Orcs, Orcs are greenish blackish people. They commonly use big war hammers and axes. In Oblivion they look like shrek, in Skyrim they look awesome. I am not quite sure where the Orcs come from exactly but I would like to find out soon.

I hope this information helps you choose the right character for you.

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