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Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Walkthrough part 1

In these written walkthroughs I will be telling you about what I am doing on my Skyrim profile, which will not always be part of the main quest. I could and will tell you about other quests for guilds, random citizens, etc. I will be starting the written walkthroughs from when I arrived in Riverwood.

In my Skyrim profile I have chosen to be a Khajhit, for those of you who don’t know what that is: it is a large cat that stands on its back legs like a human. I think these are pretty cool because they get bonus damage while in hand to hand combat because they have claws.

Now to get to my profile. I have arrived in Riverwood, now I need to look for Alvor the blacksmith. I found Alvor in the first house to the left of the road once I came in. He was using the forge as all blacksmiths should be if they want to earn money from adventurers like my Khajhit. Once I had spoken to Alvor he told me to go to the city of Whiterun and speak to the jarl. I don’t usually go there right away; I discover the stables outside of Whiterun then take the carriage to one of the better cities in Skyrim.

I took the carriage outside of Whiterun to Riften. Riften is my absolute favourite city because of the thieves’ guild there. I got inside of Riften by paying the guard at the front gate to let me in. Once inside of Riften I went to the market place. As soon as I got there a man by the name of Brynjolf spoke to me. This man is a highly ranked member of the thieves guild. Once he had finished speaking to me I got a quest from him to steal Madesi’s ring and plant it in someone else’s pocket. So you go to the left of Brynjolf’s stand and take the ring from Madesi’s stand, then you keep going around the circle of stands staying behind them until you run into a stand with boxes behind it. On one of the boxes there is a man, you have to put the ring in this man’s pocket. Once you have put the ring in his pocket everyone will move off. Then you must talk to Brynjolf. He will give you another quest to go through the Ratway.

That is where we end things off for now. Thank you for reading. 

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