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Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Walkthrough part 3

Remember, these walkthrough are not only walkthroughs, they are also just what I am doing in my profile. Don’t worry though I will mainly be doing thieves’ guild walkthrough, and after that I’ll do walkthroughs on something else in Skyrim.

You are now heading off to do the bee farm mission. Just walk out the front door/gate of Riften and head towards the marker on your compass at the top of the screen. If the marker is for another mission or there are two markers do the following: press Esc, press quests at the top left of the pause screen, unclick all the markers on the quest names and click on the quest that you want to do. After walking for a while you will have to swim because the farm is on its own island.

When you reach the island head towards the sewer tunnel, it looks like a trap door. It is your choice of what you want to do; go down the sewer tunnel or not. I did not go down the sewer tunnel. If you do not go down the sewer tunnel just carry on along the bank of the island and stay hidden. You will notice that you are in a slight drop or small cliff. This is a good thing, stay sneaking and close to the cliff, keep going around the island until you see some mercenaries. Take out a mercenary with your bow and hide again until your screen says hidden. Repeat this for a few times then go onto the island. There are more mercenaries on the island, once you have taken them out head over to the bee houses. Equip a flame spell and burn the required amount; you can burn all of them if you feel like.

In my next walkthrough I will tell you guys about the inside of the house part of this mission, and clearing out the safe, which is required for the mission. For now goodbye.

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