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Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Walkthrough part 4

Here is another walkthrough in the thieves’ guild which is in the Elder scrolls V Skyrim. I will be continuing from where I left off in this same mission as before.

Head into Golden Glow Estate, the house, and take out the guards right in front of you. Be silent or Aringoth will hear you. Head down the stairs to the basement, there are about two more guards down here so watch out. Head over to where the safe is and press ‘E’ on it. This will bring up the lock picking screen, this lock is not so bad. Once you have picked the lock take everything inside including the money. Once you have taken everything in the safe head back upstairs and out the door.

Once you have left the building, fast travel to Riften. To fast travel just open up the map and click on Riften. You can fast travel to any place on the map if you have been before. Once you are in Riften head over to the cemetery and get in through the secret passage that leads to the Ragged Flagon Cistern. After you have gotten in there look for Brynjolf, speak to him and then your mission is done.

I am just going to start the next mission now but not do the whole mission, just some of it.

Once you get your new mission called Dampened Spirits, head over to where Maven Black-Briar. Maven Black-Briar is one of your friends/contacts. After speaking to Maven Black-Briar go look for someone who goes by the name of Mallus Maccius. You don’t literally have to look for Mallus Maccius, he is on your compass. He will tell you to speak to someone called Sabjorn. After speaking to Sabjorn go through the door and then through the cave and poison the nest that is down there. After poisoning that, go through a couple of doors here and there wherever your compass tells you until you find a big barrel. Head up the stairs in the same room so you can get above the barrel and then poor your poison in.

Unfortunately that right there is where we are going to stop today, so goodbye and have a very nice Christmas.

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