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Hobbiton on Hogsback School Camp

My class and I all went up to Hogsback to have school camp. We climbed into the bus dreading the long trip all the way from East London to Hogsback.

When we arrived in Hogsback we went straight to Hobbiton where we stayed for the duration of the week. Hobbiton is very nice and you can see Kettlespout from it. Kettlespout is a waterfall that originates from a spring, Kettlespout also runs off the edge of one of the cliffs or mountains in the area.

 Day one we arrived and went to our dorms where we would be staying, we unpacked our bags and got settled in. Soon after we were called to the dedicated lining up or roll call area. We set off for the middle ropes course, this is a course with obstacles obviously involving ropes. It is called the middle ropes course as there is also a high ropes course and a low ropes course. Anyway I really enjoyed all three of the ropes courses as they were really fun. After doing a few other activities we had to go to bed. This is what happens every night: Principal walks in and shouts at us and tells us to shower, Principal walks out, we shower, some boys stick their head under the tap to get their hair wet so they don’t have to shower in the cold water, other boys go to bed, Principal walks back in and shouts at each boy individually asking them if they have showered, Principal also dedicates a name for each boy for the night, some names stick and some don’t.

 Day two we woke up early for a morning run, I loved this camp. I have no recall of what happened this day and really, i don’t want to.

 Day three woke up and did the usual morning stuff. We then filled our waterbottles and set off for Madonna and Child, another waterfall. we first went to the bottom of the waterfall, pointlessly, and then went all the way back up to the top of Madonna and Child. We were about to abseil down Madonna and Child waterfall. I somehow ended up going second. This waterfall was pretty tall, fall and you may lose all life in your body, I say again I loved this camp. Going down wasn’t actually that bad, it was quite fun actually. After we got back to camp we did orienteering, if you don’t know what this is, get a dictionary.

 Day four we woke up and took the long hike to the Kettlespout waterfall. it was awsome because we could fill up our waterbottles right there with the same water that runs over the edge of the cliff. We then went back to camp, and boom, no recall again.

Day five we hiked to a big dam and made rafts that five people could ride on. We then raced our rafts. When we got back to Hobbiton we did the high ropes course and the climbing wall. After that we packed our bags and went all the way back to school.

I was happy to be back home with my own bed that all of a sudden felt so much more soft and comfortable.

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