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League of Legends Basics

Hello everyone! About a month ago I started playing an online computer game called League of Legends. I am going to tell you a bit about it.

When you start out on League of Legends you are level 1. The highest level you can go to is level 30. When you eventually reach level 30 you can play a game mode called ranked, but until then you can only play PvP. PvP stands for player versus player. You can also play custom games in which you play against bots. The bots are not very good at the game.

 The currency in League of Legends is called influence points, or ip. You can also buy riot points, rp. With ip you can buy anything in the game except skins. With ip you can buy champions and runes.

 Champions are the actual people or creatures you can play as in the game. Champion’s prices range from 450 ip to 6300 ip. Remember though, just because the champion is more expensive does not mean that they are better or stronger. Each champion has four abilities which are assigned to the keys on your key board as Q, W, E and R. the R ability is called that champions ultimate, or ulti for short.

 Runes may be placed on your sommoner rune page in the profile menu. Runes can increase the stats of the champion you are using if you select the right rune page.

 The champions in the game are put into classes. There are junglers, these are the people who go into the forest to farm creeps that are in the forest. The junglers also go to a lane and help out in it when help is needed. When a jungler does this it is called a gank. There are tanks, these people are the people with a lot of health. Remember if your health hits zero you die. There is also a class called stealth, these champions can go invisible. There are assassins, these champions are powerful or have powerful abilities. Mages are the people you would expect to have powerful abilities. Supports have healing spells for friends and/or themselves, and also spells that grant armour or movement speed.

 When you are in a match in League of Legends you start near your nexus. If your nexus is destroyed you lose. You must destroy the enemy nexus to win. Throughout the match you can purchase items in a little shop near your nexus at the healing fountain. I advise that in every game you buy some sort of boots. As you will notice some cheaper items build other more expensive items. This is so that you can buy something that gives you more stats until you buy the more expensive item.

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