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League of Legends: Dr. Mundo

In League of Legends there are many champions to choose from. Champions are the people you can purchase and play as in the game. I have just started playing as a champion called Dr. Mundo.

Dr. Mundo is a scientist that made himself very strong, but in doing so he also made himself purple. He is a very powerful champion that dishes out a lot of damage if you build him right.

When I play as Dr. Mundo I build him AD HP. This stands for attack damage hit points, so in other words he is an attack damage tank. I usually start with boots and three pots. The boots I build are the boots called ninja tabi. These boots provide movement speed and armour to your champion. After getting ninja tabi I then proceed to buy phage which gives you attack damage and health. I use phage to build the frozen mallet. Which does pretty much the same thing except it provides more attack damage and health than phage. After frozen mallet I build the black cleaver which gives you attack damage and health as well.

Mundo has four abilities just like every other champion. His Q makes him throw a giant meat cleaver that is rusty. When this cleaver hits a champion they take damage and are slowed by it. Dr. Mundo’s W ability makes fireballs fly areound him dealing damage to anything that is near to him. Dr. Mundo’s E ability makes it so that he as extra attack damage for a shrt duration, this is useful in combat as it will make you do more damage to the other champion. Dr. Mundo’s R ability, or his ultimate, makes him run significantly faster and it makes him regenerate a lot of his health in a very short time. This ability is useful when running away with a little bit of health and then turning around and taking out the guy that is chasing you.

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