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League of Legends: my favourite jungler

In League of Legends junglers are the champions that run around in the forest and farm all the creatures that live in the forest. If you are jungling you should still keep up with the rest of your allies’ levels as you will not be effective in ganks if you don’t. Ganks are when a jungler comes to a lane and helps kill another champion on the opposing side.

My favourite jungling champion in league of legends is a small champion called Amumu, the sad mummy. Amumu is a very small champion with a very big head. He is also a mummy. His classic skin is a mummy outfit that has green bandages.

Amumu’s abilities are all area of effect except his Q ability. Amumu’s Q ability is when he tosses out a bandage that sticks on to enemy champions and pulls Amumu to them. Amumu’s W ability is when he cries a lot. He cries so much that he makes waves around him that deal damage to nearby enemies. Amumu’s E ability is when he swings his head around dealing damage to nearby enemies. Amumu’s ulti is when he shouts out and a large ring appears around him. Enemies that are in this ring take damage and are stunned.

When I am jungling Amumu I like to start with wolves and then go for blue buff. After that I keep cycling through in this order: Golems, Wraiths, Wolves, Wraiths, Golems, Wolves, Blue buff.
After doing that I go for a gank at top, this is done by waiting in the bushes so they cannot see you. Then throw your Q ability. While you are flying through the air press W. When you land press Q, and if there are three or more champions near you hit your ulti as well.

I’ll say it again, my favourite jungling champion in League of legends is Amumu.

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