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League of Legends: my favourite mage

In League of legends mages are the champions who usually have strong spells and are ability power champions. Mages usually take the middle lane on the map.

When being a mage u want to build ability power, definitely not attack damage. Most mages are ranged, which means that their basic attacks can hit an enemy from a further distance than if they were melee.

My favourite mage in League of legends is a champion named Ryze. All of his abilities excluding his ulti are target abilities. This means that u don’t have to aim them and shoot. You just press the key and click on the minion or champion you want to deal damage to. His ulti hrants you massive spell vamp and a bit of movement speed. Also while the ulti is active every abilty you cast deals area of effect damage. This works very well for farming minions.

When you play Ryze you have to play aggressive. This means that you have to use his abilities quickly one after the other so that the target takes more damage quicker. This is good because his Q ability has a quick refresh on it so that you can use it again while you are aggressively using the other abilities. The combo I use when attacking an enemy champion is: R, W, Q, E, Q. This works very well.

I also like Ryze as his abilities do extra damage according to how much mana you have. So you can buy items that give you mana and ability power. The items can be items like the Rod of Ages, or even the Archangel’s staff. The boots I get with Ryze are the Ionian boots of Lucidity which give you cooldown reduction. After getting these items I get Rabadon’s Deathcap. Usually I get two Rabadon’s Deathcaps for more ability power, but you do not have to do this. Instead you could get something that grants you more mana as well.

As I said before, Ryze is my favourite League of legends mage.

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