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Lilyfontein Grade 8 Orientation Camp

My class and I all arrived in the morning on Friday and did normal schoolwork until one o’clock in the afternoon; when school ended. We had half an hour to get changed into casual clothes or “civies” as some may call it. After getting changed my class was told to meet outside of the classroom. We then received lunch from the teacher which was salad rolls.

After eating that we were told that for the rest of the orientation camp we were to speak in an Indian accent. We then lined up outside the classroom in attention. This is where we are not allowed to move, speak or laugh, and if we wanted to ask a question it of course had to be in the Indian accent. We then did star jumps until the leaders got bored, then did burpeys. A burpey is when you start in push up position then stand and jump up then get back into push up position. We then all had to lie in two equal rows of people with our feet in the inside. We were then told to lift our feet and transport a bucket full of muddy water across the whole row only using our feet. We then went to run around the field because people were not doing what they were told.

After running around the field we stood in attention and played the toilet paper game. After the toilet paper game we were told to go down to the dam and roll around in the clay. Once we were covered with clay all over our bodies and clothes we were told to run around the field twice so the clay could dry. While we were running around the field we had to sing our motto for that weekend which was: “An injury for one, is an injury for all.” This was used in many cases like when one of us had to run around the field we all had to run around the field. All of us then went and swam in the dam which got most of the clay off of us. We then had to run back up the hill to the field and stand in attention.

The whole time of the camp water balloons were being thrown at us. We then played the tennis ball game in which a tennis ball had to be passed along the line of the whole class only using your chins and throats or chests to clamp the tennis ball between. We then had to practise and makeup plays or skits which we would be judged on after supper. The group with the lowest score, as we were told, was to perform in front of the school at the next assembly. After making up and practicing our skit we went and had supper. After supper we went into the classroom and did our skits. Our group came first in the end. Which was a relief until the leaders told us that the winning group would be performing on the stage at the next assembly. We were then led all over the school blindfolded in a line. Ther were a lot of obstacles put in our way so we had to be careful. We then went to bed.

In the morning we were woken up by a vuvuzela. We were woken up at half past two. We filled our water bottles and got ready for the thirty five kilometre hike ahead of us. Of course at that point we did not know that the hike was thirty five kilometres. We walked from school to the milking shed. After we got to the milking shed we walked to Glen Gariff beach. We walked along Glen Gariff beach until we got to Sunrise on Sea. While in Sunrise on Sea we refilled our water bottles and had a rest. We then walked all the way back to school which took a long time. When we got back to school we all had a braai except for some people who went home.

Oh and I almost forgot guys, I accidentally deleted my thieves’ guild profile on Skyrim so will soon be starting a new profile and will be joining a different guild or just doing something else.

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