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My brother’s 14th birthday party

We woke up at my dad’s house in the morning. We stayed there for a while and played Skyrim till my brother wanted to go and buy something at the shop. We set out to Game and Sportsman’s warehouse where he found nothing he wanted. He is not a true gamer you see he loves to read and read and keep reading books. When he is not playing Skyrim (when I am) he reads. He wanted to go to the shop called Exclusive books. When we arrived he went straight towards the Terry Pratchett books and got two of them. He didn’t even use his birthday money he used his Christmas money.

We left the shops and went to my mom’s house where the family from my mom’s side would be throwing him a party. So we arrive and set up the braai area and chairs etc. Then the people arrive. We lead them out to the back and straight away my uncle jumps into the pool. More people arrive and we bring them to the back of the house. Our mother says that we can swim and we jump into the pool. A while later my brother pushes Tony into the pool, he was getting him back for doing the same thing to him. I swam almost the whole time. When I got out I went inside the house and got some dry clothes on. I got some food from the braai as everyone else was. After I ate I got pushed back into the pool by Tony. I did not mind, I sort of wanted to carry on swimming. Tony showed us this weird dive which obviously we thought was impossible. We tried and tried and kept on trying till we finally gave up. He showed us another dive which I could do but that my brother could not do. Then it was pudding time, there were a lot of different puddings. After eating the puddings we all went inside for a while then all the visitors left.

For his birthday he got a lot of money and a few t-shirts.

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