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My friends Birthday Party

Only a few people in my class went to school because it was the last week of school. In the last week of school we do no school work or anything like that. We just sit around and do nothing, that’s why only a few people come. Today only two people came, me and someone else. After school I want to my cousins’ house where my mom fetches me from. When she arrived she took me straight to the venue of the party.

When we arrived at the gate my friend was waiting there for us and all the other people who were coming. As we got to the gate he pressed the button to open it and in we came. We came through the gate and went down the long road to where the actual birthday party was being held. When we got there I stepped out of the car and went to put my bags down. This was a sleepover party but I was not sleeping over. We were soon called towards a field, where we had to choose one of our friends to have a three legged race with. We were all then put into teams of three pairs of people. The first group went and then my group, the second one, we were in the lead until the plastic used to tie our feet together broke. After that our team lost by far.

We went to the river to swim; we had lots of fun there. There were branches going out over the water coming from a large tree. People were climbing along the branches the jumping off of them. One guy tried another branch which broke but he fell safely into the river.

We went back to where our bags were for my friend to open his presents he got from everybody. He got lots of money but his best present by far was the seven league boots. Seven league boots are the coolest thing ever, other than Skyrim obviously. He put the seven league boots on and tried to run, which ended up being an epic fail when he took a dirtnap after falling, which my friends caught on camera.

After watching him a bit my dad arrived and took me home where I played Skyrim.

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