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My last seven days including Christmas

On Friday the twenty third my mom, Tony, my brother and I went to see the movie Tintin in 3D. My mom only wanted to see the movie because it was in 3D and my brother and I were forced to come along. We got our popcorn and slush puppy or coke and went in. I liked the 3D part of the movie but did not like the movie itself.

Christmas Eve was spent with my mom. We get presents from my mom and her side of the family on Christmas Eve because on Christmas day we go to my dad’s house. From my mom and her side of the family I got deodorant, lip ice, a chocolate I had never seen before, two computer games (not as good as Skyrim) and Regal chocolate. That was that for Christmas Eve.

My dad came and fetched my brother and I and took us to my gran’s house for Christmas lunch. Christmas lunch at my grans house is always delicious as we have gammon. For Christmas from my dad’s side of the family I got more deodorant etc., Tru-putt, a large looking knife/dagger and some money.

We were still at my dad’s house and were until Friday that week. On Monday we did not have much to do as our computer was not coming on. So for the whole day we played table tennis, watched T.V or played PlayStation.

On Tuesday my sister and nieces came to visit us. We swam in the river and jumped off big rocks into the river. The lowest rock is about half a meter high and the highest rock is about six meters high.

On Wednesday early in the morning we left for Hogsback. The drive was long but when we got to Hogsback we took a look around. At half past ten we checked into the hotel we were going to be staying in. The hotel was pretty big. On the same day we went to see the waterfall called Kettle spout. We came back to our hotel room and stayed there for the rest of the day.

Thursday morning we woke up and went to the hotel lobby to get some breakfast. Afterwards we went and looked for the waterfall called Swallow tail falls. We could not find it. After long hours of searching we gave up and went to the waterfall called Madonna and Child. We went all the way back home. Before we got to my dad’s house we stopped at my gran’s house. My cousins were there and we took them down to my dad’s house. We all swam for about an hour and a half. We even jumped off the rocks again.

Today! We came back to my mom’s house and she forced me to write this blog post.

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