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Nike Child Labour

Where in the world
This case of child labour happened in Pakistan. Nike was accused of using child labour to manufacture the Nike soccer balls in Pakistan. Pakistan has a population of about one million people and is important for export to international markets especially in sports.

Why the children work
Pakistan has an income per capital of 1, 900 dollars per year. This means that people survive on five dollars a day. Pakistan has a traditional culture in which the money earned by one is shared between ten. With a high rate of inflation it is very hard for a low income population to survive. That is why the children in Pakistan are working, to earn money for their families so that they can buy more of what they need to survive.

What Job they do
The jobs that the children are doing are making the soccer balls and even some of the shoes. If you want a new soccer ball and you go into the shop and see a Nike one, there is a chance that a child your age or younger made that soccer ball, the same goes with the shoes that Nike makes. About half the world’s soccer balls are manufactured in Pakistan, and each soccer ball goes through a phase in the production where child labour is used.

What hours and Conditions
In 1996, when the June issue of Life Magazine came out, it had an article on child labour in Pakistan. At this point Nike knew that it was in trouble. The article’s lead photograph showed a twelve year old boy surrounded by the pieces of a Nike soccer ball with which he would spend most of a day stitching together for a sum of sixty cents. The children will work most of the day every day.

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