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Treatment of Ulcers and Gastric Acidity

Gastric acidity Excess acid may be counteracted in the stomach with antacid pills. The main parts of antacids are aluminum and magnesium hydroxides. There are three side effects of antacid treatment, which depend on the compound used. First, many have an act on the bowel: some have a mild laxative effect, and some are constipating. Second, if the positively charged compounds are absorbed, the blood may be made alkaline. Third, antacids may affect the absorption of other drugs by binding with them in the stomach area. Ulcers A diffuse irritation of the stomach coating, gastritis is usually a severe disorder caused by contaminated food, by alcohol misuse, or by bacterial- or viral-made inflammation of the stomach tract (gastroenteritis). Such episodes are short-lived and require no exact treatment. Pain is generalized in the upper … Read entire article »

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