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Reused or Recycled Waste

Different Kinds of Reused or Recycled Waste Recycling Bottles: • bottles are collected and condensed for shipping. • reclaimers rip apart the bales, then sort and rip apart the bottles. • The shreds are then washed, dried and melted, the melted plastic is formed into flakes. • Flakes are spun into fine, string-like material to make textiles. Recycling Glass • The consumer throws glass into a recycle bin. • Glass is taken from the bin and then taken to a glass treatment plant. • The glass is sorted by colour and washed to remove any germs and filth. • The glass is then crushed and melted, then moulded into new products such as bottles and jars. Or the glass may be used for other things such as brick making or for decoration purposes. • The glass is then sent back to the shops ready to be used … Read entire article »

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