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Elder Scrolls Races

This is not one of my walkthroughs that I will be doing this is just about the races in the Elder Scrolls. In Skyrim and Oblivion, these are the only two games in the Elder Scrolls series I have played, there are a number of different races (different kinds of people) and here they are: Wood Elves, these are the shortest of the races which you can clearly see especially in oblivion. The Wood Elves are also known as the Bosmer. They are good archers and are well suited for the thieves’ guild because of their height. The Wood Elves of the Elder Scrolls series come from a place called Valenwood. High Elves, these are the tallest of the races. The High Elves are slightly yellow in colour. They are also known as an Altmer. High Elves are … Read entire article »

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