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League of Legends: my favourite jungler

In League of Legends junglers are the champions that run around in the forest and farm all the creatures that live in the forest. If you are jungling you should still keep up with the rest of your allies’ levels as you will not be effective in ganks if you don’t. Ganks are when a jungler comes to a lane and helps kill another champion on the opposing side. My favourite jungling champion in league of legends is a small champion called Amumu, the sad mummy. Amumu is a very small champion with a very big head. He is also a mummy. His classic skin is a mummy outfit that has green bandages. Amumu’s abilities are all area of effect except his Q ability. Amumu’s Q ability is when he tosses out … Read entire article »

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League of Legends: my favourite mage

In League of legends mages are the champions who usually have strong spells and are ability power champions. Mages usually take the middle lane on the map. When being a mage u want to build ability power, definitely not attack damage. Most mages are ranged, which means that their basic attacks can hit an enemy from a further distance than if they were melee. My favourite mage in League of legends is a champion named Ryze. All of his abilities excluding his ulti are target abilities. This means that u don’t have to aim them and shoot. You just press the key and click on the minion or champion you want to deal damage to. His ulti hrants you massive spell vamp and a bit of movement speed. Also while the ulti … Read entire article »

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League of Legends Basics

Hello everyone! About a month ago I started playing an online computer game called League of Legends. I am going to tell you a bit about it. When you start out on League of Legends you are level 1. The highest level you can go to is level 30. When you eventually reach level 30 you can play a game mode called ranked, but until then you can only play PvP. PvP stands for player versus player. You can also play custom games in which you play against bots. The bots are not very good at the game.  The currency in League of Legends is called influence points, or ip. You can also buy riot points, rp. With ip you can buy anything in the game except skins. With ip you … Read entire article »

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