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Hobbiton on Hogsback School Camp

My class and I all went up to Hogsback to have school camp. We climbed into the bus dreading the long trip all the way from East London to Hogsback. When we arrived in Hogsback we went straight to Hobbiton where we stayed for the duration of the week. Hobbiton is very nice and you can see Kettlespout from it. Kettlespout is a waterfall that originates from a spring, Kettlespout also runs off the edge of one of the cliffs or mountains in the area. ┬áDay one we arrived and went to our dorms where we would be staying, we unpacked our bags and got settled in. Soon after we were called to the dedicated lining up or roll call area. We set off for the middle ropes course, this is a … Read entire article »

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